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JUNE & JULY 2022


Led by artist Jo Fong and NEUROLIVE

This June and July 2022, FREE open studio events will be led by artist Jo Fong at Siobhan Davies Studios.

NEUROLIVE is delighted to announce Jo Fong as the commissioned artist for the project’s next performance at Siobhan Davies Studios in November 2022.

Jo will be leading three open studio events in preparation for a new process and performance called How Shall We Begin Again?

All are welcome. Jo will guide an afternoon of moving and together with NEUROLIVE directors Matthias and Guido they will share more about the project as a whole.

These workshops and the planned November performance are designed so anyone can be involved whether you are a professional dancer, someone who would like to dance or if you simply would like to embark on a process that is about relating to your own body.

Jo lives in Wales and her creative work reflects the need in these times for people to come together. Her artistic practice is an evolving, collaborative approach which puts ideas around belonging or forming community in the forefront.

“What I need might be a sensation, connection, vibration, space, higher ceilings, skipping…part of my joy in being alive, or simply being me, is me in my physicality. My dancing is changing every day, the dance has changed, no doubt everyone’s dance has.

I sense this process is not so much a choreography, but rather, a creative action.
Just a moment,
to be in the moment,
for us to see one another,
to see our difference and practice being in that.
Everyone dances for different reasons, fashions come and go and this particular time has its own difficulties and opportunities. My own study seems to be about finding more moments to be my fullest self, about acceptance, about channeling rage, about taking up space, saying the truth and about returning to a body that has changed. I’m considering how everyone is an artist, how this time needs more experiences that bring us into ourselves and to practice being witnessed in that.

In November, fifty people will gather for a two-day performance event…how can I describe the performance…perhaps, between portraiture, protest and something like a prayer. On its simplest level it’s about how we reconnect with ourselves, our bodies and each other.”
- Jo Fong

Image: Ways of Being Together 2020, photo by Lucas Kao


Thursday 9th June, 2 - 6pm (fully booked)
Wednesday 20th July, 2 - 6pm (fully booked)
Friday 22nd July, 2 - 6pm (fully booked)


Siobhan Davies Studios
85 St George’s Road
London SE1 6ER

For directions and more info please visit the SDS website.


Please register your interest in attending an open studio event by filling out this form.

If you have any questions you would like to ask us before registering, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Jo Fong email:
NEUROLIVE producer Iris Chan email:

The open studio events are free and open to anyone who would like to come. However capacity is limited so please do register in advance.


The creation process for How Shall We Begin Again? will take place in September and October 2022 with performances in the week commencing 7th November 2022. All sessions will be on weekday afternoons. This will be a paid project.

How Shall We Begin Again? will involve up to 50 collaborators/performers, and the project will bring together artistic and scientific approaches to investigating liveness. Joining one or more of the June or July open studio sessions is a good way to find out if this is something you would like to take part in.


Jo is a Creative Associate with the Wales Millennium Centre. She has been dancing and making for 30 years and began her career with Rosas, Rambert and DV8 Physical Theatre to name a few.

Recent performances and events; Ways of Being Together, Neither Here Nor There, To Tell You the Truth, Our Land, What Will People Need? Nettles: How to Disagree? and The Sun’s Come Out created in collaboration with artist Sonia Hughes. A Brief History of Difference with Das Clarks, Marathon of Intimacies with artist Anushiye Yarnell, Jo contributed to Luke Hereford’s Grandmother’s Closet at the Wales Millennium Centre and she is currently on the road with a performance called The Rest of Our Lives created with clown and circus maker George Orange.

In February this year, Jo gathered 14 artists and their guests for a two-week shared residency, Ways of Being Together Toynbee Takeover, London. Ways of Being Together has evolved into an artist-led community creating space and time to reconnect, repair, replenish and explore performance making and co-creation. The annual convergence is layered, centring learning, support, coming out and actioning change.

The first draft sharing of How Shall We Begin Again? was created with members of Striking Attitudes, which is a company of older performers and guests.

To date, Jo and the project have been supported by Arts Council of Wales, Chapter, Wales Millennium Centre and Ty Dawns/The Dance House, Cardiff.

The NEUROLIVE project has received funding from the European Research Council under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

A European Research Council funded project