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JULY 2023


Performing and Not Performing, performed by Jia-Yu Corti is a new performance-experiment presented by NEUROLIVE, developed in collaboration with choreographer and performer Jia-Yu Corti.

More details and booking info here.

Image: photo by Jia-Yu Corti



NEUROLIVE is excited to announce a new collaboration with Dog Kennel Hill Project (artists Ben Ash, Henrietta Hale and Rachel Lopez de la Nieta), leading to performances at Siobhan Davies Studios in November.

Guido Orgs (Principal Investigator and Scientific Director) and Matthias Sperling (Co-investigator and Artistic Director) of NEUROLIVE write:

“We’re really excited to be working with Dog Kennel Hill Project (DKHP) on this year’s NEUROLIVE performance commission, following on from the previous commissioned works by Seke Chimutengwende in 2021 and Jo Fong in 2022.

Among the reasons why we’re thrilled to be working with DKHP is the distinctive way that their work engages ideas of experimentation, and the exciting ways that this can meet our scientific and artistic investigations into liveness. Since the beginning of their collaborative work as a trio almost 20 years ago, the artists have conceived of DKHP as a lab, and approach their works as a series of experiments, which they describe as ‘both formalist and anarchic’. We’re really interested to explore with them different ways of interweaving the design of NEUROLIVE’s scientific experiments into their artistic design of this new performance.”

Dog Kennel Hill Project write:

“We are delighted to begin work with the NEUROLIVE project and to be in dialogue with the science team from the initial conceptualising. NEUROLIVE’s core investigation speaks to our own examinations and questions on liveness and interest in interfacing with the aesthetics of science.

Our preliminary phase of research plays with time, fact and fiction through experimental scores with materials, bodies, and object relations, and is engaging with rituals, narratives and relational encounters with audiences.

We are drawn to the aesthetic nature of the science paraphernalia used to collect data on liveness. This provokes a desire to make visible and centre this aesthetic within a live performance event.”

Performance 3 will take place at Siobhan Davies Studios on 9, 10 & 11 November 2023.

Full details and booking will be available here in September.

Image credit: Dog Kennel Hill Project slime experiments

A European Research Council funded project