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12-13 NOVEMBER 2022



A new performance initiated by artist
Jo Fong

“Fifty people will gather for a two-day performance. How can I describe the performance… a live installation; a creative action; between portraiture, protest and something like a prayer.

Just a moment, to be in the moment.”
Jo Fong

Created and performed by 50 people:

Amelia Zhou, Annie Pui Ling Lok, April Lin, Ben Ash, Cai Tomos, Carlos Trenado, Charly Monreal, Cheniece Warner, Clara Nüzel Liang, Dawn Collins, Dermot Farrell, DJ Hassan, Elina Akhmetova, Ellis Legg, Emily Lue-Fong, Ghost Chan, Guido Orgs, Haeeun Lee, Iris Yi Po Chan, James Baker, Jamie Ward, Jane Chan, Jay Yule, Jemima Hoadley, Jia-Yu Corti, Jo Fong, Joe Wild, John Chan, Katherine Hall, Kayjay Maseko, Korina Biggs, Kuan-Yu Chen, Loe D’Arcy, Luisa Mateo Dupleich Rozo, Marc Stevenson, Matthias Sperling, Nareg Khachatoorian, Paulina Porwollik, Rachel Davies, Rachel Cooke, Renée Bellamy, Saurav Roy, Shamiso Oneka, Shivaangee Agrawal, Sophie Nüzel, Takako Hasegawa, Théïa Maldoom, Temitope Ajose, Uma Hung Ayala Lok, Vincent Chiu, Xi-mali Kadeena-Guscoth, Yuyu Wang, Zhaolin Zhou.

This performance is both an artistic event and part of a scientific research process. NEUROLIVE is a 5-year interdisciplinary research project bringing artists, scientists and audiences together to study what makes live experiences special. How Shall We Begin Again? is the second live performance created as part of this research.

The performances will take place at Siobhan Davies Studios, London on Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 November 2022, 11am - 7pm.

The performance on Sunday 13 November will be audio described.

More details and booking info here.

The first draft sharing of How Shall We Begin Again? was created with members of Striking Attitudes, which is a company of older performers and guests.

To date, Jo and the project have been supported by Arts Council of Wales, Chapter, Wales Millennium Centre and Ty Dawns/The Dance House, Cardiff.

Image credit:
Graphic design by Lisa Mattocks

A European Research Council funded project