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The first workshop will explore artistic strategies for modulating liveness in relation to performative space.  

Contemporary performances often happen in unusual settings, or outside of traditional theatre spaces. Both very small and very large spaces can heighten the feeling of being right here, right now and alter the live experience. Performances in or outside of theatres can configure the spatial relationships between performers and audience members in different ways: for example, to share the same space or be spatially separated. Site-specific performances can often blur distinctions between fiction and reality while sound amplifications and distortions can be used to suggest rooms of different sizes or to manipulate the perceived distance between spectators and performers. Different critical perspectives on space, including on the dynamics and histories embedded in spaces, can also unfold different threads of meaning and experience through performance-making.

The first workshop will explore these and other approaches to composing and activating performative spaces, that artists apply in their practices work.

A European Research Council funded project