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Photo by Paula Puncher

Photos above from live performances of ~ snakeskin in the wild ~ by Tony Wadham
9, 10, 11 NOVEMBER 2023, 3:30 PM & 7:30 PM


~ snakeskin in the wild ~

~ snakeskin in the wild ~ 
is a new performance created by Dog Kennel Hill Project (artists Ben Ash, Heni Hale and Rachel Lopez de la Nieta), bringing their combination of formalism and anarchy to the examination of liveness and the aesthetics of science. With closely integrated artistic and scientific experiments, the performance confronts head-on the slippery task of attempting to measure liveness in the wild situation of a theatrical performance event instead of controlled lab conditions.

“Our preoccupation, when observing an object in a live situation, is that the tools used to observe something either constrain it or change it, so that we’re never observing the thing itself - what we’re observing is always that which has been shed ~ a snakeskin.” (DKHP)

Together with collaborating performers Iris Chan, Siin Lee, Nathaniel Parchment and Matthias Sperling, Dog Kennel Hill Project invite the audience to join with them as implicit elements of this live performance state, where each audience member’s experiences contribute to an unfolding of phenomena, perception, meaning, image, constructivism and so forth… ~~~

Creative team:
Artists: Ben Ash, Heni Hale and Rachel Lopez de la Nieta
Collaborating Artists: Iris Chan, Siin Lee, Nathaniel Parchment, Matthias Sperling
Sound design and EEG sonification: Jamie Forth
Lighting design and production: Marty Langthorne
Filmmaking and documentation: Tony Wadham
AV Technician: Mo Yousef
BSL interpreter (Saturday 7:30 PM performance): Samuel Rojas

Thanks to the entire artistic, scientific and technical team; to the team at Siobhan Davies Studios; to Rosemary Lee and Siobhan Davies for feedback; to Michael Mannion and Trinity Laban.

About the artists:
Dog Kennel Hill Project is a collective of artists working collaboratively and across disciplines led by Ben Ash, Heni Hale and Rachel Lopez de la Nieta. Their work is performance, dance, embodiment, choreography and lived philosophy. In collaboration and alongside selected associate artists and partners, they have developed investigative projects to specific contexts or communities including theatres, galleries, screenworks, and non-traditional or outdoor sites since 2004.

Programme PDF

Photos by Paula Puncher

A European Research Council funded project