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The first workshop of the Neurolive project took place from 2-6 August 2021 at Siobhan Davies Studios (London). This workshop week offered the first opportunity for the Neurolive research team to gather and work together in person. We invited a number of other artists and scientists who had already begun a dialogue with the project around the Liveness Symposium (in March 2021, online) to participate in the week.

Over varying parts of the week, the participants were:
Annie Pui Ling Lok (Artist & Co-Artistic Director, Siobhan Davies Studios)
Anushiye Yarnell (Artist)
Daniel Richardson (Neurolive Co-investigator)
Fernanda Muñoz-Newsome (Artist)
Friendred Youhong Peng (PhD Researcher, Goldsmiths)
Guido Orgs (Neurolive Principal Investigator & Scientific Director)
Hennie Lee (Neurolive Research Assistant)
Iris Chan (Artist & Neurolive Artistic Stream Producer)
Jamie Ward (Neurolive Co-investigator)
Kat Bridge (Producer & Co-Artistic Director, Siobhan Davies Studios)
Katye Coe (Artist)
Laila Diallo (Artist)
Laura Rai (Neurolive Postdoctoral Researcher)
Matthias Sperling (Neurolive Co-investigator & Artistic Director)
Merritt Millman (PhD Researcher, Goldsmiths)
Siobhan Davies (Founder, Siobhan Davies Studios)

The focus of the workshop was to further develop questions and enrich conversations that began around the Liveness Symposium, and to germinate a range of potential specific scientific or artistic investigations of physical and social liveness.

Each day began with movement sessions facilitated by Katye Coe. Throughout the day artists and scientists alike introduced their practices in presentations, conversations, movement-based explorations and going for walks.

The workshop was documented by photographer Camilla Greenwell.

Click here to see Anushiye’s presentation, ANTI VITRUVIAN WOMAN

Click here to see Laura’s presentation, Exploring Potentials for Artistic Engagements with Scientific Principles of Experimental Design

A European Research Council funded project